Does Technology Control Us?

Technology is no less than a miracle. The way it has transformed our lives is remarkable. If a person from history can see our world today, he may think it’s all magic. In fact, technology is no less than magic, but the question here is, “ does technology control us?” 

Technology controls us. Technology allows the user to outsource their critical thinking to internet personalities, their public image to social media, and their memory to search engines. Many people do so, and they lose the ability to function without an automated assistant. Algorithms fuel this.

Ideally, we humans have the capacity to control things in our life including technology, but it’s possible we may let technology control us without us even realizing it. When you are bored, you open the TV and sit in front of Netflix. You spend hours on social media without even realizing what’s going on around you! It’s important that you make the most of technology. 

According to Leftronic, 5 billion people in the world own a mobile device. It means that technology has tapped into the lives of these people. There are 2.65 billion people in the world using social media. 40% of the world’s population has access to the internet. 

Think about the time you had the last conversation with someone you deeply care about! We rely on messages or email to communicate. Personal conversations are getting rare. It’s high time to take control of our lives and it involves controlling technology for the good. 

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Does technology control society? 

Technology is creating an influence on the society of today. According to, technology has influenced society in different ways. For example, it has brought changes in the ways students learn. It’s possible to learn online easily now. Technology has created an impact on society through communication. You have now tons of methods of communication. However, mobile communication may have a negative impact on people according to studies. 

The way you interact with the world has changed. Gone are the days when you had to rely on letters to communicate with someone. Now, thanks to technology you can instantly connect and communicate with someone. It’s even possible to do an instant video chat. Thus, technology affects society one way or the other. 

Even if you have to communicate with the boss or the teachers, it’s now easy to send an email. Online learning is interesting as it lets you interact with students from different corners of the world. You see and meet people you had never thought of. It all comes down to how you plan on using the technology. It can be suitable for your ease and comfort, but you can also let it negatively affect you. 

If you look around yourself, you’ll notice that technology is everywhere. It’s in the car you drive, it’s the electricity in your house, or the internet you use on your smart devices. It’s hard to run away from technology as it’s playing an integral role in society, but how you use it determines whether you control it or it controls you! It does have an impact on society. Those who are conscious and make the best use of technology will be successful while others will find it hard and would rather be controlled by technology. 

Are we control technology or is technology controlling us? 

It depends on what you are doing with the technology. Let’s say if you are using your car to drive to work then you are controlling technology for your benefit. If you are using the internet to work from home and learning from it then again you are using it for something beneficial. On the other hand, if you are scrolling down your mobile phone mindlessly and you have no idea how your days should be like or where your life is going, you are letting technology control you! 

The way you deal with technology can impact your life. If you are using technology for your own good, it’s going to have a positive impact on your life. On the flip side, it can affect your life in a negative way. Think about the time you had a meaningful interaction with someone in-person. You could be relying heavily on the use of technology. 

To control technology, you have to take charge of your personal life. You can indulge yourself in activities that don’t require the use of smart devices. For example, you can simply arrange your cupboard to disconnect yourself from the virtual. A simple task like this can help you control what you do! It’s important to take charge especially when you feel the information overload or when technology becomes too much to handle.

Is technology a control? 

Whether technology is a control or not depends on how you use it! Do a small test if you want to know whether technology has control over your life or not. Try spending a few days without screen time! If you stop feeling the urge to check your smartphone, again and again, you are not in control! 

Technology can only control your life if you let it. Unplugging is easy! Think about it, how hard does it feel to switch off your cell phones, television screens, or laptops. You know the answer! 

The purpose of technology is to bring ease and comfort to your life. In fact, if you observe what Jeff Bezos is doing is bringing items to the comfort of your home. You can easily place an order on Amazon and you need not head to the market to find something for hours. Basically, technology is about making things easy for you. But what you do with counts! 

Elon Musk has given a new meaning to technology. Technological advancement is to make this world a better place. You see advancement in the field of medicine also! All such research and hard work are to make human life and society better. 

If you let technology control you, it means you are mindlessly following social media, news, or whatever others are doing. It’s important to have a mindset of your own. Create goals and be specific in what you want in life. Let technology help you achieve your goals and use it to make your life more comfortable. 

Does technology improve or control our lives?

Technology can improve our life for the better. On the flip side, you can let technology control you by not putting a limit on how much technology interference is okay in your life. 

Let’s say you are sitting at the dinner table and instead of having meaningful conversations with others around you, using social media is your priority. You are mindless scrolling through the screen of the mobile phone and your children are using cell phones all day. If you look back to the days of your life, you will remember the good old days with your parents. At the end of the day, meaningful conversations and time spent together count a lot. Don’t let technology control your life. 

Imagine you are living far away from your children. You just heard the news of your grandchild and you are desperate to see her face. It’s hard to travel, but thanks to the power of technology, you can connect with your kids to see the grandchild. It’s amazing how technology can improve your life for the better if you are using it the right way. 

Now, imagine another interesting scenario. Let’s say you studied a lot your whole life and wanted to establish your career, but you recently had a baby. Now as a stay-at-home mom, you miss your old self. You want to earn as the times are hard. Again, thanks to technology you can make money online too! It’s because of technology that it’s possible to write online and even teach kids online. 

So, what you do with technology counts a lot. You can use technology for your own good or let it control and define your life. It’s important that you invest in the good use of it and make the most of it! 

In short, technology can improve your life. For example, you can use a robot vacuum cleaner to clean your house in your absence. You can use the dishwasher to clean the dishes. Modern cars are making driving easy for you as there are numerous features to rely on technology. You can use the internet for finding a remote job and you can also connect with your loved ones. You can study online at the best universities in the world. It’s possible to get a degree from the comfort of your home. Life can become a lot easier if you are using technology the right way. 


Humans can control technology by putting a limit on it! You can decide how much technology interference in your life is okay. Some people may go to the extent of mindlessly using social media all day while others prefer watching Netflix all night. The purpose of technology is to bring ease and comfort to your life, but what you end up doing with it is your call. You have to decide whether technology controls you or if you are the one who will take charge and make better use of technology. 

Gene Botkin

Gene is a graduate student in cybersecurity and AI at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Ongoing philosophy and theology student.

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