About Phoenixite

Who We Are

Phoenixite is the passion project of a graduate student in AI engineering and cybersecurity at the Missouri University of science and technology.

What We Do

We cultivate the fields of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, computer literacy, and forensics. The aim of our outfit is to enhance the cyber protections of those learners prescient enough to search for them.

When We Began

Phoenixite began growing in March of 2021.

Where We’re Headed

Phoenixite will become a leading online source for issues related to computer science with an emphasis on artificial minds and cyber investigation.

Why We Do It

Computers are taking over our lives. This places us in danger of hackers. But hacking is easy, and protection is difficult. So a convenient resource for learning to protect oneself from cybercrime is becoming increasingly necessary for many people. Our aim is to provide it.

How We Go About It

At the moment, the blog is being built in order to generate consistent online traffic and attention.


Gene Botkin, a graduate student in AI and cybersecurity, is the sole contributor of Phoenixite.

Contact Information

The only contact information used here is gbphoenixcode@gmail.com.