How and Why Do Phones Vibrate?

When your phone vibrates it is a good feeling. it means that someone wants to get in touch with you. What you may not know is that those vibrations are not a new invention. They did not start with the cellphone invention.

Phones vibrate because they contain a vibration motor that activates when certain criteria are met within the phone’s internal systems. These criteria can be adjusted by altering the phone’s vibrations settings. If the motor is removed then the phone will no longer vibrate.

Vibrating devices have a long history going back almost 100 years to Switzerland. A company there invented the first vibrating motor and placed it in a toothbrush of all things. Then that concept went to pagers and finally to cellphones.

But the first cell phones could not vibrate. it took a while to get the technology right and to learn how cellphones vibrate, just continue reading our article. It has the information you need to know about.

Is vibration bad for your phone?

Generally, the answer is no The most possible damage you can do is wear out the vibrating motor. Nothing else will be harmed if you use your vibration mode constantly.

By constantly, we mean that there are people who use the vibration mode to wake up every morning. Then others use their phone (or their electric toothbrush) as a vibrator. We will leave that last one up to your imagination.

The only technical connection between the phone and the vibrating motor is the signal coming from an incoming phone call. or the connection between alarm modes and other features. These connections are not that vital to the overall operation of the phone and if you over use that mode, then still nothing gets damaged but the motor.

The motors are not that big and although technology makes them very sturdy and dependable, they are like any other device. they will wear down eventually because that is just the way things work.

The only other possible problem that would come from a vibrating phone that could be bad for it is that the other components are loose and they get shaken up a little bit during those vibrating moments.

Or another component got broken and the vibrating exposes that broken part.

What makes your phone vibrate the most?

It is the design of the motor and how it is placed inside your phone that makes the phone vibrate the most. This little motor is placed inside your phone in an unbalanced way. that uneven positioning creates the vibrating tones and motion you hear and feel.

There are different types of motor designs and the one you get will depend on your phone’s maker. However, the concept is the same and a weight is used to create that imbalance and make sure you do not disturb others when your phone rings.

If you do not like the vibrating mode, it is not easy to turn it off all at once. The main settings can handle the incoming calls or messages. But if you want to stop the vibration from not going off when your apps are turned on, you have to turn the mode off individually with each app.

What makes those motors vibrate is the electronic connection to the battery. These motors need electricity to work correctly and to some people that may be the tool that makes vibrating motors vibrate the most.

There is a combination of factors and one factor is not the sole source of the best vibrating mode possible.

How does a vibration motor work in a phone?

The first thing that needs to be done is to design the motor to be small enough to not only fit inside the cellphone but also be powerful enough to send out strong and good vibrations. That in and of itself is a design miracle and ingenuity at work.

Two things are needed to make the motor create the vibrations you feel and hear. One, is that the off-balanced weights must be held in the right position in order to create the vibrations.

The second factor that is needed is two small wires or leads that connect the motor to the power supply. Without this connection, the vibrating motor will not work. The electricity stimulates the different parts in the motor which in turn move the off-balanced weight and vibrations are then created.

That explanation is only for one specific design of these motors. There are many other designs used by phone makers which operate in a little different manner. The weights are designed to look different as well as be placed in different locations.

The two-wire leads are also a constant while some designs have a tiny motor shaft and bearing to help move the weight. How your phone’s vibration works depend on the design of the motor placed inside of it.

How much does a phone vibrate?

The answer to this question will depend on the size of your phone and how big the vibrating motor is inside of it. If the motor is small, do not expect to get a strong vibration signal at any time.

Then it will depend on how many settings the manufacturer placed inside the vibrating motor. Some motors will have 3 levels of intensity while others may reach 9 levels. But if the power isn’t there, then no matter how many levels you have in that motor, the vibration result may still be weak.

Then, it will depend on the type of app you have installed on your phone. There are at least 10 different massage-type apps you can download and use to relax sore muscles. These apps can add up to 10 levels of vibrating pleasure if your phone’s motor can handle the extra stress and duty. Unfortunately, there is no real way to upgrade the vibration system in your phone and make it stronger.

You will be limited to the amount of power and vibration your motor is designed to produce. That is okay with some people who prefer to have a subtle vibration alerting them to a text or incoming call.

They do not want the whole world to know that someone is contacting them.

Ways to damage your phone

Vibrating motors are not going to do this harm as cellphones are designed to vibrate. they are also designed to handle the different levels you can use when you want a stronger signal that someone is calling or texting you.

Instead of worrying about how a vibrating motor can harm your phone, you should be more focused on these sources of damage:

#1. The outside elements– exposing your phone too long to those elements will damage your phone. This includes leaving your phone for long periods of time in a hot car or a cold one. extreme temperatures will damage your cellphone

#2. Improper rooting– there is a good and a bad way to handle rooting your phone. The wrong way will ruin the phone and make it basically unusable. Even though you get instructions on how to do this the correct way, mistakes can happen and your phone is damaged.

#3. Downloading malware– it is a given that you have malware protection on your computer. Yet, many of those same people do not download malware protection when it comes to their phones. leaving your phone vulnerable leads you into a lot of trouble you could easily avoid.

#4. Overloading the storage– cellphones are not PCs or laptops. Their storage space is limited and when it gets full, the phone responds in negative ways. One of those negative ways is its refusal to work properly

#5. Overworking the phone– The old-style traditional phones worked 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 365 days of the year. There was no fear of overworking them or leaving them on constantly.

However, cell phones are not traditional phones, and leaving them on all the time will damage them in some ways. Turn the phone off at least once a week for a minimum of 30 minutes to protect it.

#6. Sim card lock mistake– if you mess up using this feature, you stop yourself from using your phone until you can replace the SIM card.

#7. Forcing a plug– charging may take time but those charging ports, especially the micro ones, can be a bit fragile. If you force the connection, you can damage the port and ruin your phone. When that happens, you only get to use the phone till the battery runs down.

#8. Using the wrong pocket– skin-tight jeans and other tight clothing is an enemy of the cellphone. If there is not enough stretch in those pockets, you can snap your phone in two when you sit down. Find a better place to carry your phone.

Some final words

Vibrations are a good thing. Not only do they relax your muscles when they get sore, but they also let you know when someone wants to talk to you. When you get those alerts you can quietly tend to the incoming message or call and not disturb anyone.

If you use the vibration mode all the time, you do not run the risk of ruining your phone.

Gene Botkin

Gene is a graduate student in cybersecurity and AI at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Ongoing philosophy and theology student.

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