Can Private Investigators Be Charged with Stalking?

In Denver, Colorado a private investigator was arrested and charged with stalking in 2010 after he was found to have a tracking device installed in a woman’s car.

Private investigators can be charged with stalking, and they sometimes are. This is a common concern on the job, and investigators often purchase insurance in order to protect themselves from stalking accusations. Therefore, secrecy is of the utmost importance for investigators.

While the thought of a private investigator stalking you can be disturbing or even disturbing, if a person is following the law while spying, you can’t stop them. In fact, private investigators have some legal license to track down the people they are hired to track down, and only in certain circumstances can such behavior be considered harassment.

As long as the investigator follows the law, such as not recording a conversation in which he is not involved, or breaking into private property without permission, secret investigations are legal. Although not normally done, an investigator will go undercover when all other investigative methods have been used without success. Another vital service an investigator can provide to a victim of stalking is gathering evidence against the stalker.

Investigators Must Stay Away from the Observed

It is also mandatory that the persecuted person does not make any contact during the investigation and that he records all the events of the stalker. The possibility of physical violence at this point must be taken into account and not minimized either by the persecuted person, or by the police, or by private investigators.

Some conditions require the victim to be afraid of the pursuer, others require only that the pursuit may induce fear in a reasonable person. In other works, harassment does not occur unless the intended victim feels intimidated and fearful for their well-being. Often the stalking does not result in any charges, and the victims usually do not even receive a restraining order.

Stalking is a serious crime under Washington State law, and many victims of stalking fear they will be stalked for the rest of their lives. Under the laws of the State of Washington, RCW SS 9a.46.110, stalking occurs when a person repeatedly stalks or stalks another person. Definitions of stalking found in state stalking laws generally define stalking as “the intentional, harmful, and repeated stalking and stalking of another person that threatens their safety.”

Private Investigators Might be Caught Stalking

Stalking is defined as a repetitive pattern of unwelcome harassing or threatening behavior from one person to another. Stalking is behavior directed at a specific person that causes fear in a rational person. The legal definition of stalking varies depending on where you live; however, stalking is a crime under the laws of all 50 states in the District of Columbia.

Individuals may hire a private detective to search for a missing person, investigate the facts for a court case, or conduct surveillance for a variety of reasons. Most private detective agencies use background checks for financial fraud, criminal background checks, conduct surveillance and bug searches on the victim of stalking or any person who may be stalked and stalked, and use GPS tracking technology to covertly track a vehicle during an investigation. . .

Typically, investigative activities include interviewing people, background checks, monitoring and tracing other legal, personal, and financial information. Our experience in managing surveillance, criminal investigations, background checks, and more has given us the skills to conduct such investigations.

Many Cases Straddle the Line

In our detective agency, more than half of the cases, from criminal defense to personal injury, require some degree of supervision. For individuals who specialize in insurance or adultery investigations, surveillance can be a major part of their job.

We serve the communities of Greenville and Spartanburg, SC, but our investigations take us everywhere. We use surveillance and a wide range of investigative techniques to provide the necessary support and information to victims of stalking so they can regain control of their daily lives.

This is why it is so difficult for victims of persecution to get the necessary support from law enforcement agencies. It is easy for victims of stalking to feel isolated and aware that your privacy and personal safety are clearly at risk. If you’re facing a child custody case, divorce, or other complicated family issues, chances are someone has hired private detectives to spy on you.

Investigators Caught Stalking Are SOL

Through close observation and classic investigative techniques, our team can help find out who is behind their harassment and gather evidence of harassment and harassment so you can take legal action. In most cases, the police cannot help because our legal system requires clues and clues that can take hours to investigate using advanced tactics and methods.

While both of these cases are complex and the nuances of the law are contested, they speak eloquently of the need for private investigators to fully understand their state’s laws before conducting any kind of surveillance. The following are two examples of individual cases, one in which a state court found the IP’s actions to be harassment, and in the second, a state court found the IP being monitored in the course of lawful investigative actions.

Investigators can track down the person making the request to find evidence if needed, and unfortunately, there is no law that prohibits insurance companies from using private investigators. A private investigator has many forms of classified information that he cannot access without first obtaining permission from another person or a subpoena granting him access to the information. A New Hampshire woman has persuaded a state court that her ex-boyfriend hired a private investigator, who is also her personal friend, to track her down.

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