Are Instagram Polls Anonymous?

Instagram polls are a great way to discover what your audience thinks about specific topics, ask the question and leave it up to them to answer. The polls can be shared on other social media platforms, allowing more people to see the poll.

Instagram polls are not anonymous. If a person votes in a poll on Instagram, then the one who delivered the poll can see their participation. This enables pollsters to recognize which uses are more likely to engage with their content and tailor materials that cater to them.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way for users to change their vote once they have voted whereas there is the option of deleting the Instagram post entirely. Once you have shared an Instagram poll, you cannot delete any of the votes so if someone had already answered before you realized something was wrong with the question or answer, then there is no way for it to be changed.

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It makes sense that Instagram wants their users’ votes to count as much as else’s because they are trying to give their users the best service, however it can lead to biased polls which could influence future polls etc. The initial attraction of Instagram polls is that they are anonymous. Still, over time this anonymity could be compromised when one user finds out who voted for what and leaves negative or positive feedback on individual accounts. There is also little control over what people say, but if you don’t want people to post offensive comments, ask questions that only apply to your followers, not the public.

Can you see who voted in Instagram polls?

Brands like Instagram polls because they keep track of how many likes each answer has received, so they know which side of an argument their audience stands on, making it easier for them to create relevant content. However, this could also lead to increased bullying or discrimination depending on how it is used. For instance, you wouldn’t want to find out that the reason one of your friends unfollowed you is that they didn’t like who you voted for.

Social Media can be problematic when you are trying to separate your personal and business accounts. Still, when people create polls about their businesses, it becomes clear what side of an argument each person stands on, allowing them to target users based on whether they vote in favor of their brand or not. For example if someone wants to know what everyone thinks about their latest product they can create a poll asking people if they like their new trainers then show which answer is favored more than the rest etc.

Can you change your answer on an Instagram poll?

Instagram polls are run by algorithms, which means that if someone votes for the wrong answer to a question, their vote will be forgotten about and won’t count towards the final result. But what happens if there is no right or wrong answer, like in an opinion poll? How would they know that everyone’s opinions are counted equally if people can’t change their vote?

There is also the issue of whether the results ‘balance’ well enough because anyone could go back and alter their answer once they see what other people have voted for. Of course, you could leave an ‘I don’t care option at the end of the poll so users can select this instead but this is still not very accurate when trying to find out what people think.

How long do polls stay open on Instagram?

Instagram polls are anonymous but only when the results are published in your story or your profile/business account. They don’t remain anonymous once the results have been collected, so it is important to make sure that users see the answers before deciding how to vote. Otherwise, they could end up changing their answers after seeing how others answered.

This has resulted in brands having to leave their poll open for longer than usual so that everyone has time to look at all of the options available and change their votes if needed. It also means that Instagram polls cannot be replicated easily just because you see one posted by someone else or you see it in your feed. You need to study the questions they ask and then decide whether you agree with them before taking part yourself. Copying someone else’s poll might lead to biased results because people will vote for different answers just because it is their favorite brand/person etc.


It is possible for celebrities, businesses, and small companies alike to use Instagram polls to attract new customers or clients because people are more likely to visit a website if they see that most other users support their cause. Therefore, Instagram polls can be a valuable source of knowledge that brands can use to create relevant content in the future. However, at the same time this anonymity could result in bullying or discrimination.

If it is not kept under control with polls like this you need to make sure there are no right or wrong answers; otherwise results will become biased. As long as these issues are taken into account when people decide whether or not to create an Instagram poll, they should go ahead with minimal risk.

I don’t think that the fact that someone follows you means that they like your content. If I see a person’s profile and notice their feed is dedicated to cars, watches, or fashion, then I will not assume they automatically like my music choice. However, when you add them to your circle, it seems as though you are permitting them to go through everything about your work [this isn’t always true, however- just something outsiders may perceive].

Many people follow celebrities and even me personally, but we do not want constant updates and notifications from all these websites we have no interest in following. This is why there should be an option that allows users to select whether they are only interested in the content being posted by that specific person or whether you want to receive notifications from them too. If I have not requested this, then why should I be receiving their updates?

By the way, there are thousands of Instagram polls done per day to monitor how many people vote etc. Although this is possible for smaller companies/individuals who do not have access to these powerful tools if you have a large following on your account, it might be better to refrain from doing Instagram polls until you understand how everything works and especially what other users will see after voting.

It’s also important to note that Instagram has recently changed its algorithm, and now ‘popular’ posts usually appear at the top of the feed. This means that people will not always see your poll because if it’s ‘popular,’ this is all Instagram wants you to see while scrolling through their app.

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